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My path

Son of hotel-restaurant owners, passionate about pastry since the age of 5, I naturally decided to make it my career! Which led me to work in prestigious establishments. To name just a few: Le Georges cinq *** (Paris), Patrick Guilbault ** (Dublin), L'auberge du père Bise * (Talloires), Le lion d'or * (Swiss Cologny), La Réserve (Geneva), Le Vieux Castillon * (Castillon du gard)....

I then taught for 10 years for international classes in 2 renowned schools, “Gastronomicom” and “Ferrandi Paris”. Also a pastry consultant since 2018 under the name Sweets-Consulting .

Café moulu

My story

Telling a story, telling my story, that's what I forbade myself for years, a bit like a fruit waiting to ripen but I wasn't aware of it. Here I am ready; finally ready, to welcome you in my little setting, with all simplicity!

The good product has always been at the heart of my job, because without a good basic product I remain convinced that we cannot make good cakes!

So by having fun working on beautiful products, I can please YOU!

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